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Premium Credit Repair & Debt Settlement Services. Florida Credit Repair CreditFL.com is headquartered in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida and provides Premium Credit Repair, Debt Settlement, Litigation for Violations (Referred to Attorneys), Authorized User Credit Cards & Debt Settlement Services. We offer Flexible Payment Plans along with Premium Credit Repair.

Payment Plans for All Needs & Budgets.

  • Credit Repair
  • Debt Settlement
  • Authorized User Credit Cards
  • Litigation for Violations (Referred to Attorneys)
  • Debt Settlement (Where Item is Deleted without Payment if Creditor/Collection Agency is in Violation or has no Proof of Ownership. Items not in Violation of the FCRA Are NOT Subject to Deletion.

We can help fix personal information, delete or settle 3rd Party Collections, Charge Offs, Bankruptcies, Auto Loans, and Add history to Boost your FICO SCORES.

We also refer to FDCPA Lawyers for ALL Debt Collection Letters & Look for common Violations. Customers may earn up to $1000 per case for a violation in their Collection Letter from a Collection Agency.

We also refer FDCPA Lawyers Litigation for Violations, as well as Assist in Actual Fraud and Identity Theft Situations (Law Enforcement Report is Required by most Law Firms for ID Theft Cases).

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Premium Credit Repair

This method is for clients who “DO NOT” have Public Records or Original Creditor Items such as Closed/Charged Off Accounts. This Method is for 3rd Party Collection Agencies + Debt Settlement Fees.

Diamond Credit Repair

This method is for clients who “DO NOT” have Public Records, “BUT” have Original Creditor Items such as Closed/Charged Off Accounts, Student Loans, Repossessions, Foreclosures. 3rd Party Collections, + Debt Settlement Fees.

VIP Bankruptcy Repair

This method is for clients who “Have” have Public Records such as Bankruptcies + Any Premium & Diamond Services Such as All Original Creditors & 3rd Party Collection Agencies. + Debt  Settlement Fees.

VIP Bankruptcy Repair

This method is for clients who “Have” have Public Records such as Bankruptcies + Any Premium & Diamond Services Such as All Original Creditors & 3rd Party Collection Agencies. + Debt Settlement Fees.


1) Factual Verification under FCRA Section 611 Overview of 611

The Factual Verification Process starts with the filing of an attorney drafted dispute with each credit bureau using all required language under the FCRA to ensure complete compliance by the credit bureaus and proper verification of information furnished by creditors.

Using the correct language ensures that the credit bureaus and creditor are legally put on notice that you have:

• 1) Disputed the validity of the information.

• 2) Assured the bureaus and creditors that your dispute is not frivolous, irrelevant, or without merit; and

• 3) Have demanded that the bureaus and creditors produce a description of the procedure used to come to their conclusion under FCRA 611(B)(iii).

This process will take 30 days from the date your initial dispute is filled with the credit bureaus. They will then mail you an updated credit report, where some accounts will be deleted and some will be verified. The report should include details on the process used to come to that conclusion.

At this point we will file separate charges with the Federal Trade Commission and Bureau of Financial Protection against each Credit Bureau and each individual creditor. For instance if you have 10 creditors, that would result is 13 separate charges that we file on your behalf against the credit bureaus and creditors for failure to produce a sufficient procedure used to verify the account or failure to produce any description of the procedure used to verify the account.

At this step in process the creditor has 15 days only to respond or remove the negative items from your credit report otherwise they will be assessed and levied fines for noncompliance with the FCRA.

This procedure relies on using the required legal language drafted by our attorneys and then holding the creditors and credit bureaus feet to the fire by filing appropriate charges and providing the requisite evidence that the credit bureaus and creditors had notice but were negligent in following the law.

2) Legal Demand via Attorney

Requesting All Paperwork & Reviewed for Violations via Licensed Attorney & Immediate Request for Removal for errors & Permanent Removals. Items are immediately removed for violations.

3) FDCPA (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act)

This method is to request verification of Debt or request form. Allow a licensed attorney to review for violations and earn up to $1000 per Creditor.

4) Credit Blocking Method under 605B for Victims of Identity Theft

Overview of 605B: The Credit Blocking Method is Federal relief provided for victims of identity theft and is governed by FCRA Section 605B.

If you are a victim of Identity Theft and accounts have opened on your credit report from the actions of an unauthorized 3rd party then we can help you file an Identity Theft claim. The Credit Blocking Process starts with the filing of a Identity Theft Affidavit and a Police Report with you local police prescient.

Then we file the following documents with the credit bureaus to have the accounts permanently blocked by the credit bureaus.

• 1) Proof of identity of the victim

• 2) A properly completed Identity Theft Affidavit and Complaint

• 3) An Identity Theft Police Report provided to us by the victim

• 4) A notarized statement assuring the credit bureaus that the ID theft claim is not filed in error, contains any material misrepresentation of facts, or that victim benefited from the transaction.

If you are a victim of identity theft and can provide us with a police report about the incident we can help you with cleaning and repairing your credit report.

5) Debt Settlement: With & Without Deletions & With or Without Attorneys

Our Debt Settlement Services are used if an Item is not able to be Deleted via Credit Repair or Violations etc. We can use Law Firms to do Debt Settlement for some Items, others are Not Necessary. Attorney’s Fees for Debt Settlement are Separate if you wish to consult with some of them we use for Debt Settlement.

Our Pricing includes Debt Settlement Fees if you Signed Up After August 23rd 2020.

Attorney Debt Settlement Fees are a Separate Service Fee if an Item with Debt Must be Settled, and we recommend some Law Firms to do this if necessary. All our Clients receive a discount on their Flat Fee Debt Settlement Services for Referrals.

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Premium Credit Repair

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Diamond Credit Repair

Diamond Service
No Public Records
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Fast Turnaround

VIP Bankruptcy Repair

VIP Service
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For Bankruptcy Removal Accounts
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Authorized Users

Up to $5,000 Limit

Authorized Users

Up to $10,000 Limit

Authorized Users

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